During the Q&A section of Paola's first Sofar Sounds show, an audience member asked, "I love your songwriting, but what does your music sound like when things are going well?" Evoking the melancholy of Phoebe Bridgers and Daughter, Paola’s so-called “sadgirl folk” walks the line between haunting lullaby and nervy admission.

The Shoebox EP, her first studio release and the result of an Indiegogo campaign which raised 30 percent beyond its target goal, came out in December 2016. "For years, I've kept various mementos in shoeboxes: old notes, gifts, objects [with] some kind of significance," she wrote of the project. "Most of the time, though, those shoeboxes stay dusty and tucked away in my basement, rarely seeing daylight. The songs on this EP are much the same: [they] forced me to deal with something painful in my life, some kind of vulnerability."

She currently lives and regularly performs in and around New York City.

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“...with an almost cathartic delivery, Bennet’s vocals cling to hearts and ears. Fashioned around the potency of storytelling, Bennet’s folk musings brace her vivid words for an overall sense of inevitable longing change.”

Girl Underground Music

“Paola Bennet's sad girl folk feel[s] classic and timeless... The sound is spartan and Paola's vocal performance has a mature, even elegant quality.”

- American Pancake

"That voice. That hauntingly angelic voice. It conveys so much emotion —— such a broad, nuanced range of emotion —— all while seeming wispy and thin, yet subtly rich and full of power. Fragile power."

- Geoff Wilbur